Loriano Zurli

Apographa Salmasiana

Sulla trasmissione di ‘Anthologia Salmasiana’ tra Sei e Settecento.


XIV/104 pp.

Series: Spudasmata Volume 96

Publisher: Weidmann

ISBN: 978-3-487-12695-1


This volume, the first of the series Anthologiarum Latinarum manuscripta, is devoted to the copies of the Codex Salmasianus (Parisinus Lat. 10318), in the margins of which – until Burman published the first volume of the Anthologia in 1759 – much of the philological discussion was to be found (not all of it known to Burman) of the poems whose only original source is the Salmasianus. The volume is intended to complement the projected new edition of the revisenda Anthologia Latina, begun by the same author with the publication of the Anthologia Vossiana in 2001 and of the Anthologia Salmasiana vol. II fasc 1 in 2002.