Loriano Zurli

Apographa Salmasiana, 2

Il secolo d’oro di ‘anthologia Salmasiana’ (continuazione e fine).


XLVI/138 pp.

Series: Anthologiarum Latinarum Parerga Volume 3

Publisher: Weidmann

ISBN: 978-3-615-00373-4

«Prof. Zurli’s book throws plentiful, new and valid light on the complicated ‘Ueberlieferungsgeschichte’ of the ‘Apographa Salmasiana’, and is a veritable beacon which will safely guide all those who wish to navigate in the perilous waters of the ‘Anthlogia Latina’» (Heater White, “Bollettino di studi latini” 41/2011)

This volume is the second one of the series Anthologiarum Latinarum manuscripta, intended to flank the project of revisenda Anthologia Latina I2 1-2, Lipsiae 1894-1906, di A. Riese.